Electromechanics and zero point energy

The first page of my site is devoted to free energy research, the second one has to do with computer aided simulation of transient processes taking place in autonomous electric power system including conventional electric machines. I've made and tested my version of the device which was said to be an extremely simple free energy apparatus. It is a motor including several stator windings and a rotor carrying 4 permanent magnets. This apparatus was designed by Robert Adams (deceased in 2006).

Surfing the net I have found certain similarity in several electromagnetic and pure magnet devices. The common idea consists of the removal of the counter-electromotive force (or back e.m.f.) from the windings what is claimed to have been done in Tewari machine. Still my own current scope picture gives no evidence of such a removal. My speculations about this e.m.f. are presented at this page.

If you dislike quasi-science like the above-mentioned free energy you can miss the first page and look through the second one. To simulate transients in electric machines and their control systems I designed C++ and Java programs. The diagram on Fig.1 shows a power system structure created with the aid of my program. It should be noted this picture doesn't represent any actual power grid still it is possible to create any desired pattern and hereafter simulate transient process in it. This power grid includes 3 generators and 8 induction motors connected to 5 bus-bars. The graphic on Fig.1 represents induction motor transient characteristics, namely 2 phase currents and rotation speed.

This page represents my computer program written with the aid of AVR Basic. The program enables me to control electric current in the stator coils of the Adams motor. AVR Basic can be used in real-time systems with Atmel processors.

The term "free energy" designates possible energy sources of still unexplained nature. he only question is how to extract and transform it to any conventional energy like electricity or heat. Information on the devices in question is scattered through the web. Still I failed to find any data on a definitely working overunity device including detailed design parameters and test results obtained by independent researchers. Maybe this information will be available in the nearest future if it is possible at all. Some companies claim they have got working devices ready for sale already. Of course the design parameters are hidden in this case. Recently I found some interesting links to pure permanent magnet motors which don't require any electrical or mechanical input at all. Visit this site that contains a lot of interesting information. Unfortunately most of those devices don't work as desired. At present I am less optimistic regarding the possibility of free energy extraction than several years ago. I'd like to complete my experiments with Adams motor so I am going to improve my control circuit so as to ensure 2 or 3 phase mode of this device under load. Still I regard this device as internet legend and some claims about "violation of Ohm's law", "negative time", "cold current flowing from the aether" taking place in it seem like scam. Besides I regard the calorimeter test proposed by Mr. Adams to make us believe in outstanding properties of his apparatus as a cunning trick. If this test proved "infinite percentage" it would likely be possible to create a closed- loop system but who has witnessed these devices? Now his web site www.aethmogen.com is not accessible.

Fig.1 - Autonomous power system structure and induction motor start